Top 10 Best Womens Golf Shirts Review

In golf, wearing the right clothes is significantly essential similar to the correct equipment. If you are a woman and fond of playing golf, the golf shirt has to be comfortable and stylish.

Also, you will need to follow the particular dress codes meticulously when you are at the golf course to play golf.

So, women's golf shirts have to fulfill several conditions. You just can't wear common polo shirts.

This is an article about the best womens golf shirts that are promised to meet all your requirements.

Let's get this show on the road.

Top 10 Best Womens Golf Shirts Review & Buying Guide

Picture Name Check Price
DRI-Equip Ladies Moisture Wicking Heather Golf Polos in XS-4XL Check Latest Price
CQC Women's Golf Tennis Sleeveless Polo Shirts Quick Dry Athletic T-Shirts UPF 50+ Check Latest Price
Opna Women’s Ladies Moisture Wicking Athletic Golf Polo Shirts Tops & Tees Check Latest Price
PGA Tour Women's Sleeveless Airflow Golf Top Check Latest Price
ANIVIVO Tennis Shirts for Women Short Sleeves, Solid Golf T Shirts V-Neck Running Shirts Check Latest Price
Women's Dry-Fit Golf Polo Shirts 3-Button Golf Polo's in 20 Colors XS-3XL Shirt Check Latest Price
Adidas Golf A131 Ladies' Climalite Basic Short-Sleeve Polo Check Latest Price
Under Armour UA Rival Polo Check Latest Price
PUMA Womens 2019 Rotation Stripe Sleeveless Polo Check Latest Price
TSLA Women's Hyper-Dri Pique Polo Active Sports Performance Short Sleeve Shirt Check Latest Price
Top 10 Best Womens Golf Shirts Review
Under Armour UA Rival Polo

Buying Guide – How to Purchase the Best Womens Golf Shirts


Breathability is an essential feature of women's golf shirts because it ensures you stay cool and dry even on the hottest day.

The fact is, golf shirts perform like a second skin of a professional golfer. Another thing is, golf attires play a vital role in getting the best result.

The best golf shirts for women are made of breathable and lightweight material that wicks away sweat efficiently. And provides enough air to the skin so that its wearer feels cool and dry.

Another best thing about wearing a polo shirt that is available with excellent breathability is preventing odors by holding sweat on the skin. The best ladies golf shirts focus on providing superior comfortability to a golfer throughout the whole round.


How will you understand that the made material is a premium quality fabric?

The best fabric is stretchable; it will not show any wrinkle after many washes, soft and lightweight to feel and comfortable to wear.

Expensive golf shirts don't mean high quality; even you will find a high-quality golf shirt at an affordable price.

In recent times, golf shirts are made of 100% polyester or some manufacturer uses a combination of polyester and spandex fabric. Both options are best for manufacturing the best quality golf shirts because they are lightweight and soft.

Also, some women's golf shit comes with the SPF protection feature, which protects from dangerous UV and IR rays. Since golfers need to play golf under heavy sunlight, polo shirts with this feature will keep their skin safe from these harmful rays.


The ability to play on the shirt determines how the shirt moves through the swing. When a golfer's body moves, the movement has to happen with full freedom. And it will be quite impossible for a golfer if the polo shirt doesn't come with the playability feature.

Keeping the above point in mind, the manufacturer designed a golf shirt in such a way so that a golfer gets the full freedom while moving the body at the time of playing a shot. You must have noticed that premium quality women's polo shirts have a panel of stretched fabric to twist the torso under the sleeves and over the rib area.

The playability feature means understanding the stretch-ability function with the body movement.


Everybody wants to look fashionable. And no doubt is there that a trendy polo shirt will enhance the confidence of a golfer.

In fact, you can make a high score if only you feel good and confident in the golf course.

Now you may think, how can clothing play a vital role in making a good or bad score?

But clothing indeed has a significant role. Ask yourself why Tiger Wood wears his classic Red polo shirt and Black pant on the final day?

This is because it improves his confidence.


Question: Are golf polo shirts and regular polo shirts the same?

Answer: The golf polo shirt is made of lightweight and soft material with the characteristics to move with the body. Also, it comes with elasticity features so that a golfer can make free movement effortlessly. Most of the golf polo shirts are made from polyester, and some are a combination of polyester and spandex.

On the other hand, regular polo shirts are made of cotton. But they come with more durability features and can be worn every day.

Question: What is the best washing procedure for a golf polo shirt?

Answer: Firstly, you should always look at the washing instruction of the golf polo shirt before throwing it to your washing machine. Because most of the manufacturer advises following a particular washing procedure described in the label of the polo shirt.

It would be best to button up the polo-shirt, make it inside, and then give it for washing. This way, no change will happen to the shape of the collar and quality of the button.

Also, it is advisable to wash your golf polo shirt to other similarly-colored clothes. Besides, always wash the polo shirt using warm water and never use hot water since hot water can damage your polo shirt's quality and performance.

After washing, don't put the shirt into the dryer for drying. Remember to give it air dry.

Then check the procedure of ironing and, based on that, proceed to the next step.

Question: Do I need to iron my golf polo shirt?

Answer: In fact, ironing a golf polo short has never been a good idea. Because a golf polo shirt is made of polyester, and polyester could melt or burn because of the high temperature. If the shirt wrinkles, simply put it into the dryer, run it with low temperature, and remove the wrinkles.

Even if the polo shirt's label says iron after washing and drying, iron it with very low temperature. And don't keep ironing in one area for an extended period.