Using the best available tools in the game can make a big difference. Regardless of how good you are at your position, fitness, and strategy, if you don’t own the right gaming tools, you will not be able to make a good result in the end.

This article intends to introduce my audiences to the most leading manufacturers in the golf industry. As a result, before purchasing any golf item, they will be able to learn whether they are purchasing from a reliable brand or not.

Today in this article, I am going to discuss Ping's history and work, one of the top gold club builders in U.S. history.

PING: Started its Journey from a Garage in California

The most surprising news about the most leading golf club manufacturers PING is, it started its journey in a garage located in California by an engineer from General Electric.

In 1959, Karsten Solheim came with an idea of a golf putter with the help of his engineering experience. Unexpectedly, the design and made of the putter were excellent, and Solheim was able to balance all the weight throughout the putter’s head.

However, in the initial years, the effectiveness was not proven because golfers did not use the putter for playing golf. But a few years later, when John Barnam won the Kazun Classic Golf Tournament with a winning shot with the putter, everybody started praising its effectiveness.

PING: Moved to California to Arizona

In 1961, Solheim moved to Arizona, and within these years, his putters gained much popularity. So he decided to make putters in a more detailed garage workshop. Because of John Barnam in the Kazun Classic Golf Tournament with the first putter, he became encouraged to make such type of putters more.

Within 6 years of launching the first PING clubs, many PGA players started using the putters made by Solheim. The key to the first success was the 1965 Golf World Cup, where the world had seen the PING clubs.

However, the most notable thing that will surprise you more is that PING was still driven from a garage.

Waiting for the Driver and the Iron Line

During the decade of 1970, a complete range of golf clubs was offered by PING. The company started supplying some irons and drivers to its Ansar line. However, these irons and drivers were already being launched with putters. Many golfers accepted these irons and drivers but can’t achieve similar success and popularity to its putters.

PUTTERS Popularity Keep on Increasing

Within 1980, Solheim and his ancestors understood that their signature golf club is putters, and they need to make all their plans and ideas keeping putters into the center position.

Within the decades, in a total of 3 putters, the design had been introduced, and because of their precision and quality, these putters created a wave among the golfers.

Meanwhile, PING started contributing to American Exports by exporting top-quality putters to golfers around the world. And because of PING’s impressive contribution, it had been awarded by American President E-prize.

The Long-lived Legacy 

Many PGA players won in a total of 40 competitions using Solheim’s putters. For this great contribution to the golf game industry, Solheim received legendary status.

In the late 90’s, Solheim handed over the helm to his son.

Solheim dies soon after, but his legacy long-lives. As per the decision of the golf industry,

Solheim achieved his place in the Hall of Fame. In 2004, another breakthrough putter named Craze-E putter was introduced by the PING club that broke all the records created by the earlier putter. Many PRO golfers started using this, and they gained success in the game.

The winning tournaments by this putter are eye staggering; it wins 2,200+ tournaments.

Are PING Clubs Made in the USA?

So, where are PING clubs made of?

China has been the manufacturer of all PING club’s components for many years. In the early 2000’s, the PING club also shifted itself to China to manufacture components cheap labor-cost. Also, the raw-materials price in China is cost-effective.

However, after manufacturing in China, all the putters are assembled, and quality assured at the place where the magic happens. After confirming all the quality criteria, putters are shipped to the different corners in the world.


Question: What is the meaning of the PING Golf Club?

Answer: The sound “PING” was heard by Solheim as soon as the ball hit the metal. Murray Arnold, a famous former golfer, and musician stated that after hitting the golf ball, it was tied to 440 pitches used to piano tunes.

Question: Are PING golf clubs really worthy?

Answer: Over the many years, the PING club is a manufacturer of reliable putters. And many best professional golfers are playing with their manufactured putters. Moreover, the PING club’s putters are assisting a golfer in winning a competition.

However, the PING club manufactures the golfing apparatus for beginners and intermediates as well.

Question: Who is the best golf club’s manufacturer in the market?

Answer: Many manufacturers are making golf clubs in recent times. Worth mentioning manufacturers are PING, Calaway, Taylormade, Mizuno, Titleist, Wilson, etc. All the manufacturers introduced some of the best lines and irons, which has gained much praise from many best professional golfers.

Question: Can I get some names of the PING clubs?

Answer: Find the below list of few reliable PING clubs

Bottom Line

I believe the puzzled “are PING clubs made in the USA” is revealed through this article. From the beginning to till now, PING is well-known for manufacturing high-quality PING clubs. Till now, they never compromised on the quality. That is the main reason the PING club is the top putter manufacturer in the golf industry.