Callaway Golf 2018 Men's Rogue X Irons Set

Callaway Rogue X Irons let you improve your play distance in a promising way without taking much effort from you. Read this review; it will say the details.

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Before starting the details review, I want to share an exciting thing with you guys. Do you know why a Golf club is termed as an Iron?

Club heads made from metal or Iron (though these days it is made with pure stainless steel) is made this naming. 

However, varieties of golf clubs like woods (driver and fairway woods), hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters, etc. are available in today's Golf accessories market. 

It is actually up to the players how they want to use the combination of all these categories.

A Golf club is the key ingredient of Golf sport to propel the ball unto the hole. Callaway Rogue X Irons are the most prominent Golf Club now a day; drive your golf club entirely.

Product overview:

The upgraded version of Rogue, come with the name of "X." A sturdy design along with stronger Lofts, including in the Rogue X, offering you more distance for optimal performance. 

The three to four times stronger Lofts, longer distance length, and the perfect angles of X are almost the same as the Rogue & Rogue Pro version. 

Moreover, Rogue X is featuring a large head to create a deep CG position.

Rogue X irons reshape your total play distance with its upgraded features and technology. The 360 Face Cup and the VFT technology makes this Iron more valuable with enhanced ball speed and range.

Callaway includes the 360 Face Cup, VFT, Multi-material construction into this golf club. Tungsten Weighing of this Iron let all user be sure to obtain a precise CG in a more controlling way. 

The most advantage side of this golf club is, it is constructed with Urethane Microspheres to control the vibration and sound create after each shot. 

Unlike many other brands, Callaway uses an elastic graded urethane so that users don't have to worry about compromising the COR to lose the ball speed.

Product specifications:

Key Features:

Rogue X bears almost the same features & specifications as the X hybrids. X was launched in 2018, and Hybrid launched this year i.e., 2020. 

Let see below to see what features and specification has included in Rogue X-

1.  Durable & Lighter: 

If you compared Rogue X with Rogue Standard, Rogue X is a better option for you. Rogue X is lighter and longer relatively than the previous version of Rogue. 

Moreover, the stronger Lofts, along with the Wider Sole of the X, give the player a very easy and high lunching for a longer carrying of the shot forcing the center of gravity to low.

2. 360 Face Cup & VFT:

Both the Rogue X and the Callaway rogue x hybrid has combined two remarkable technologies inbuilt within it.  


These two techs are 360 Face Cup technology and Variable Face Thickness (i.e., VFT). Face Cup works to increase the ball speed by making a face more flexible. 

VFT exerts influence on the flexible process of the face, which did by the Face Cup. VFT enhances the ball speed indirectly at the on-off center hits. 

These two features altogether perform to improve the ball speed & distance dramatically.

 3.  Tungsten Weighing:

Tungsten is almost two times heavier than stainless steel. Physically a measuring amount of this material is concentrated into a small space in such a way that can precisely control the CG (center of gravity). 

For a perfect ball lunch, each golf player needs to place the CG of their Iron in a precise and accurate position at first. 

Tungsten's weighing of Rogue X offers the player to initiate an optimal shot, ensuring a reasonable control over each loft. 

4.  Urethane Microspheres: 

The upside of the Clubface is thin to give you more speed and distance at your ball. 

But the problem is that the bottom side of the face club origin an excessive vibration, which can irritate you, creating a disgusting noise. 

The urethane used in Rogue X, dampen this vibration, and finally reduce your unpleasant feelings. Urethane in other Iron brands can decrease the COR so that your ball speed reduces automatically. 

We use an elastic-Urethane in our Rogue, which is capable of giving you a reduced sound with an excellent feeling without damaging your COR or ball speed.

5. Excellent design & precise Engineering:

The sole included in this golf club featuring a raised Trailing-Edge to let the weight get back facing almost no impact. Different loft sizes offered in this product ranging from 18° to 59°. 

So with this different loft size, a player with a different level of capability can go smoothly to play with this. Rogue X can give the player up to a 158.1 yards regular distance with a further rolling speed up to 168.5 yards. 

During passing this distance, the ball sewing speed stays at 84.7mph generally. Many renowned golfers already give their opinion regarding the bouncing capability of this golf club. 

According to them, Rogue X can hit the ball effectively to produce a high bounce so that your ball can cross any flat ground effectively to give a forgiving performance.

6. Affordable Package:

Rogue X worth your every money in an efficient way. Everything about this club will feel you relax while you will take the initiative to lunch your shot.




The Bottom Line:

Still, you are hesitating to collect the Callaway Rogue X Iron for your golf club? 

Break the usual protocols and develop your distance of playing by creating the optimal performance style with a golf club. 

Rogue Iron is the top-rated iron brand, promised to make you more capable, more efficient. 

So, don't delay, Goooo! Grab the Rogue, play it, enjoy it.

Thank you.

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