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 If you are a low or mid-level handicapper and are looking for a Golf Club which performance is great and which will give you some tricky shots at greenside. Then you need not to search for “Which is the Best Golf Club?” or “Which is the Best PGX wedge?” You just confidently rely on Pinemeadow Golf PGX Wedge. Buy one and enjoy the performance.

The PGX wedge made by Pinemeadow can fulfill your PGX set. It is equipped with all the perfect features that you expect from a wedge. It consists of a steel shaft and a very comfortable rubber grip. It is one of the best golf wedges with high performance and a higher price gap. That means you can buy the best quality wedge at a lower price.

You can buy a high-quality club with a high cost but you will not find a golf club which is high quality and budget-friendly like this ‘Pinemeadow Golf PGS Wedge

Pinemeadow is an American company that has been in the golf club building business for many years. Every year they make thousands of golf clubs and sell them worldwide. You may also find this brand in sports shops near your locality. They have started dominating the golf club markets with high ‘quality products, great design and budget price’.





The design of this club is beautiful and comfortable in use. It will provide a golfer the perfect control on the wedge. Three different lofts will give you the option to fulfill your needs.



It has a good-sized wide sole which will improve the club’s playability and will allow you to hit the ball faultlessly.



There are three different types of Loft the Pinemeadow offers you. 52 degree, 56 degree and 60 degree. Lower lofts are much easier and are comfortable for beginners while the higher one is a bit difficult.



Though the actual distance may vary from player to player, it can offer more distance than a standard wedge. Some players are getting distance from 90 yards to 110 yards. However, if you expect more distance you need to practice more and more.



It is a special type of club and can achieve long-distance than sand wedge but may not achieve distance like a pitching wedge.



When we took the interview of the golfers they agreed that it offers a high bounce which means you can hit the ball more perfectly in tough situations at the green.

Technical Specifications:


Club        AW SW LW

Loft (deg) 52 56 60

Lie (deg) 64 64 64

Weight (g) 300 300 300

Bounce (deg) 8 12 6

Pros. & Cons. of the product:




Verily forgiving

Steel shaft

Helpful for the low and mid-level golfer

Cheaper price

Three different loft available

It can be used by both right and left-handed golf players. 

Superb bounce & Hitting



Not perfect for more advanced player

Sizes are not suitable for women.



 If we conclude than Pinemeadow PGX Golf wedge is one of the best golf clubs that will provide you more bounce and loft which means you will find more playability and forgiveness. Its versatility will help you to overcome the sticky situation on the golf course. If this is the first time you are going to buy a golf club then you can rely on this golf wedge by closing your eyes. The most impressive thing about this excellent wedge is it is cheaper. We are providing it 4.25 rating out of 5.00. Now buy it and enjoy the thrill of golf. 

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