Square Strike Wedge Review -Pitching & Chipping Wedge for Men & Women

the revolutionary wedge for golf players to be a game-changer tool.

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If you are a novice on the golf game and want to make a good push in your starting days with the best golf club, here is the perfect tool for you. The Square Strike Wedge is the revolutionary wedge for golf players to be a game-changer tool. With unique features and astonishing flexibility, the Square Strike Wedge comes beneficial for every advanced golf game for newcomers.

Usually, golf players find so many hindrances to the game, which are hard to overcome. Like the wedge shots and flop shot from a bare lie that cannot hit with a full swing have considered being extremely difficult until now. Then here comes the Square Strike Wedge that claims to solve those difficult shots, and also conforms to all USG and R&A rules. The Square Strike wedge also claims to help you hitting continually great chips. It is designed to function more like a putter with a very upright lie angle and heavier head and has 45 degrees of loft, which is similar to a pitching wedge from many golf OEMs.

The sole is huge, which helps to restrain fat shots and makes the club glides on faulty strikes. Also, the main edge is angled in a way that prevents the club from digging. The weight of the club is on the toe, which gives a smooth pendulum motion.

If you consider to have an assessment in changing your short game in the right way but, wedges that you already have are not doing it for you. Then, here is the perfect wedge to help you to improve your golf games and reduce your stress in the greens. The Square Strike Wedge is mostly designed to improve accuracy from different types of lies in the golf game, almost prevents the chance of fat shots, and these come with a standard putting stroke in the wedges.

So, it seems Square Strike Wedge claims to be one of the best on the market. In this review, we are going to find out.

Features of the Square Strike Wedge Golf


In this wedge, the long thin green grip is almost 1 inch longer than typical grips. This will allow the golf player to grip down on shots, closer to the hole. You can use the grip that you use on the putter here as well. As the Square Strike is used very similarly to a typical putter.


The Square Strike Wedge manufactured aiming at its precision. You can easily control the wedge as the shaft 35 inches, and it is placing it in the standard putter shaft length. Golfers most of the time lose a bit accuracy by trying to chip with a seven or eight irons having a shaft of 36.5 inches to 37 inches. But, with the Square Strike Wedge, it is not going to happen.


The Square Strike Wedge is comparable to usual putters. You can set up the golf ball with a 68-degrees lie angle and 6-degrees more upright than other wedges. As a result, it is very difficult to complete a full swing with it.


You can find a wide sole in the Square Strike Wedge, which is slightly curved with shallow grooves. It lessens friction and helps the golf ball to slide smoothly. This enormous sole also eliminates fat shots. The sole also reduces the club digging in the rough field.


You can compare the 45-degrees loft of the Square Strike Wedge with most pitching wedges. It is more in line with a 9-iron than other chipping irons. This loft of the Square Strike Wedge allows for more lift. It also helps the golfers to give the golf ball an uplift.

Club Head

The weight of the club-head is 330 grams, which is mostly heavier about 30g than a sand wedge. This additional weight reduces hand action and reflexes muscle movements.

Club Face

There is also a low profile club-face in the Square Strike Wedge, which is set up to the target with vertical lines that can frame the golf ball and assist in the alignment.  

Benefits of the Square Strike Wedge Golf


The club-head is much weighted, which makes it challenging to perform a full swing with the Square Strike Wedge. Though, it is not entirely impossible but, the result may not be as the same as a pitching wedge with the same loft. This wedge also assists you in bunker play. But, the Square Strike Wedge is not recommended where the lip is slightly high. To get the best result from the Square Strike Wedge, straight back and through stroke like a putter.


There are many positive feedbacks from golfers who have tried the Square Strike Wedge. Nearly all of them claim that it was impossible to make any fat shots with the Square Strike Wedge. Because of the decrease in fat shots and thin shots, it leads to the reduction of scores, which is the aim of any golfer. This wedge also produces low shots, which creates more roll than a usual pitching wedge.

The extra weight of the club-head helps to produce a variety of lies, and it will easily slide through thicker grass.

For Tournaments

The Square Strike Wedge is legal, and it conforms to all the rules. So, you can put it in your bag for the next golf tournament without any hesitation.

Great for beginners

As per the feedback, the Square Strike Wedge is very beginner-friendly. Thought, it is not very much ideal for the pros, and sometimes the beginner also faces some difficulties in the golf game. But, the design of the wedge's club with a unique weight system eradicates the demand of different swings, which ensures the club rotates through the golf ball. Because of the mechanism of the Square Strike Wedge, you need not concern about your setup position. It is very suitable for beginners but, advanced players may find it less skill-pleasure.

There is also a negative side to this wedge ( as all the products have).

You may get used to the benefits gained from using it that you neglect to practice your wedges on the driving range, which can be a barrier to becoming a better wedge player with the skill of different shots that you can execute in complex situations.

A golf player with proficiency must have the capability to tweak their stance, and in this case, the club will not always watch your back.

You also can not hit a flop or a bunker shot without tweaking your swing a bit. So, you need to feel flexible ( that will be tougher with that extra club weight )to become a better golf player.

Center of Gravity

If you think that a center of gravity pointed towards the middle on the square strike wedge is not necessary, you are totally wrong. This center of gravity helps to focus all the energy towards the middle of the face for solid contact on every stroke. And this kind of solid stroke is a dream for every golf player.

An amazing spot on the club-face is created because of the center of gravity that produces firm feedback when hit. It increases the quality of the shot and clearly, boosts the player's confidence.

Excellent Balance

The heavier head of the Square Strike Wedge is ideal for a putter. But, on the contrary, the club of the Square Strike Wedge is designed for frequent chipping on the green. The heavy weighted head makes the head to stay slow and closer to the surface, which helps to meet the golf ball and the face precisely and helps to play your driving range. The blade-like face of the wedge ensures amazing coverage between the golf ball and the wedge.

So, if you find it difficult to play short games, the Square Strike Wedge could be helpful. But, if you want to be a better wedge player, it will be more suitable for you to get a few short game lessons and practice more.

Frequently Asked Question: -

Q. Is Square strike wedge legal?

A. Yes, Square Strike Wedge is cent percent conformed by USGA and R&A rules. That means it can be used in any round, tournaments etc.

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